BZZ the Business Fly Does Real Estate

7 Comments 31 May 2012

Meet BZZ, a fly that loves business, at any price; and let’s welcome the Jardone Family, who decided to invest in a house.
Do you think the Jardones will enjoy their new home?
I’m sure they will ! What more can they ask for?

If you ever need help in choosing a home, don’t hesitate to contact BZZ.
Bidabbirlkone yeha.

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  1. salah m says:

    Zina, the funniest comics! And I love the small cockroaches with the arguileh haha. It’s going to be the “Tire Festival” summer indeed! kisses from the 3rd world.

  2. Dany says:

    Lol!! Amazing!!

  3. Samar says:

    AL shabaka with the LIPS! hhahhaha… Zenaaaa ur a genius!missu and miss Salah M from the 3rd world..

  4. Michelle says:

    😉 somebody is angry… :-)) Love it!!

    I think we need a little more exposure… Tu ne peux pas envoyer ca aux journaux libanais???!! I’m sure one would be happy to publish it!

  5. mam says:

    C’est trop drole mais tu as oublie de dire que le festival est subsidised by Bridgesotone et Michelin!

  6. Elie says:

    Yes! its true – you should mention the sponsors 😛

  7. Caroline says:

    This is so funny Zina!

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