Coussouma, Lebanon

God Bless the Moteur!

10 Comments 30 July 2012

AnaBelle (daughter of Madam) and her little kid just arrived to Beirut from Dubai, the city of 1001 lights!
While they were in the elevator with all the suitcases, the electricity cut off.
But something was not right. The moteur didn’t turn on.

M3allim el Moteur is the only person who knows why the Mouteir (Generator) is not functioning.
Did any of the neighboors steal a power line ?

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  1. mishka says:

    Z : In a thousand years people will unearth your stories and you will be honored as the Jane Austen of our times!!

  2. Zina says:

    hahaha! Thank you Mishka!

  3. Armigatus says:

    God bless the moteur, and all m3almeen el moteur.

  4. Hala says:

    lovely 🙂 Our motivation to all switch to solar appliances in the home. Either now, or when we’ve all had lung cancer for moteur emissions!

    I am broadcasting these comics to my Lebanon-challenged friends!

  5. Zina, I cannot even begin to tell you how much your comics crack me up during my lowest times. Thank you 3anjad! You are so talented. Wallah I look forward to every comic you post cuz I know it’s gonna make my day! Well done!

  6. HSemaan says:

    Haha This Is Hilarious!

    I Got Here From StumbleUpon 😀

  7. Viviane Edde says:

    So so true…crazy

  8. Toujours aussi GÉNIALE ZIna :))))

  9. Elie says:

    Finally The Revenge hahaa

  10. Carine Chelhot Lemyre says:

    Zina… je lis tes bands dessinées lorsque je suis nostalgique du Liban… alors que je suis en vacances en Europe!!! Tes histoires me font éclater de rire… quel talent!

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